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Away From Home Care Program

Access to care for members who are away from home

Horizon BCBSNJ offers the Away From Home Care Program at no additional cost for members without BlueCard® coverage in Horizon HMO, Horizon EPO and OMNIA Health Plans. The Away From Home Care Program gives eligible members access to participating doctors, facilities and other health care professionals throughout the country.

Who is eligible?

The Away From Home Care Program is for members who will be outside the state of New Jersey for at least 90 consecutive days, but no more than 180 days. Eligible members include those who are:

  • Students living away from home1
  • Long-term travelers
  • Families living apart

This program is NOT available to members who are traveling or living outside the United States.

There is no additional cost to participate in the Away From Home Care Program.

Applying for the Away From Home Care Program

Eligible members must apply for participation in the Away From Home Care Program by submitting a completed application within 30 days of the effective date to:


By mail:     Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey
                  Away From Home Care Program
                  Three Penn Plaza East
                  Newark, NJ 07101

Fax:           1-973-274-4275

Please remember to include the following:

  • The complete physical address on the application, including the student’s room number or suite number. We do not accept PO Boxes.
  • The full name of the member who will be living outside of New Jersey.
    This may not be the subscriber of the policy.

Once Horizon BCBSNJ receives the completed and signed application, the member’s information will be sent to the other state’s Blue Plan2 for processing. Members can call Horizon BCBSNJ’s dedicated Away From Home Care Program team at 1-973-466-8091, Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern Time, to find out if the state they are going to participates in the program.

It generally takes about 10 business days for the application to be processed. Then, the member will receive a member ID card and other welcome materials from that state’s Blue Plan (Host Plan).

Your coverage
Once enrolled in the program, the member may be required to select a Primary Care Physician (PCP) from the local Blue Plan’s network. This Blue Plan is considered the Host Plan.

Benefits provided through the Away From Home Care Program are only for medical care and are not exactly the same as the member’s Horizon BCBSNJ benefits. Be sure to read all materials sent.

Read our FAQs for more information.

In New Jersey temporarily?
Members who are traveling to New Jersey, and will be hosted by Horizon BCBSNJ, can read the member handbook.

1 College students will be approved on a school year basis and will be required to re-enroll each year.
2 Not all states and counties participate in the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association’s Away From Home Care Program.