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Remote Patient Monitoring for COPD Provided by HGE Health

To help our members better manage their day-to-day respiratory symptoms, Horizon BCBSNJ is working with HGE Health to administer a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Remote Patient Monitoring program using a clinically validated digital platform and technology-enabled services called HGE Care™.

Eligible Members

Horizon BCBSNJ fully insured commercial members diagnosed with COPD are eligible for this program.

Patient outreach is coordinated with the pulmonologists and Primary Care Physicians who direct their care and know them best. A list of eligible patients will be provided to physicians for review and approval prior to patient outreach.


Services can be billed using CPT Technical (99453 and 99454) and Professional (99457 and 99485) Codes.

There is no cost for the member to participate in the program. Members may have costs for physician visits and other care related to COPD. However, these costs are typically much less than the cost of a hospital admission or visit to the Emergency Room.

How HGE Care Can Help You

HGE Care reduces the time office staff spends on the phone with patients by providing valuable triage services and facilitating physician sign-off on a small number (12 to 15%) of enrolled patients each day directly in the provider’s EHR system.

How does it work?

Patients of all ages and technical proficiency are successfully participating in the HGE Care program. Patients can check in through their own smartphone, tablet or computer, or by calling the HGE Contact Center. Patients enrolled in the program typically log their symptoms daily 80 to 90% of the time.

Through this program, patients have:

  • Access to a digital health app for logging daily respiratory symptoms and tracking changes
  • Access to a professionally staffed contact center that is open 365 days a year to report symptoms over the phone or via the web, if preferred
  • Access to registered nurses for support and feedback
  • An educational enrollment session to teach them how to assess and report daily symptoms
  • A peak flow meter to measure and track changes

Multi-Language Support for Your Patients

A Spanish version of the app is available and most other languages are available telephonically with interpreter support through HGE Health.

For more information about HGE Care for your patients, call 1-866-406-7767 or email